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Commercial Due Diligence

The weapon of choice in the quest for fruitful investments

An acquisition process is often uncertain and time consuming for investors, it is a balancing act between identifying flaws and risks and embracing the potential upsides that come with an investment.
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Success case

Boost your business with a less is more mindset

A warehouse is much like the storage spaces we have at home – if there’s any space left, we have a tendency to fill it. As a business though, it could turn out to be quite expensive. Let’s just say that there’s cash to save in these jam packed, cram-full areas. And at the same time, why not increase delivery performance for the better?
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Success case

Shifting the store experience from the needs of the brand to the needs of the customer

Now our client has a framework in place to make sure a customer who enters their store have their needs in focus, not the brands. The framework also forms a stronger relationship with store owners and allowed our client to move the old communication assets to channels with better fit or scrap some altogether
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Bus enthusiasts!

The bus eco-system is on the verge of embracing and being transformed by new technologies. Electromobility will soon enable silent and emission-free buses, connectivity will allow real time optimization of the traffic flow and autonomous driving has the potential to transform a morning commuter’s experience into a smooth ride. At Cupole we are thrilled to help our partners in the bus eco-system to develop strategies to refuel and shift into a higher gear of transformation. (And if these still are unprecise buzzwords to you, we’ll help you with that.)

Christer Björk

Partner & Chairman
Life at Cupole

Taming stress like a Zen Master

We have drawn up concrete guidelines for how Cupoleans can work to reduce elements of negative stress and to make sure that employees use their resources in a way that’s as healthy as possible!
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The art of a successful merger integration

If you work in the field of M&A, the fact that a majority of all deals fail to deliver on the investment case is probably old news to you.
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Are the possibilities of the internet being shaded by shady intentions?

Web Summit has grown to become the largest tech conference on the planet attracting start-ups, global multi-billion players, tech-nerds and regular curious minds. Of course, Cupole was there.
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Aim for the sky
and you will reach the stars!

Anyone can come up with moonshot ideas. Children at a playground. Delegates at a summit. Astronauts in space. The people in your organization. However 7 out of 10 innovation labs fail. Many moonshots die from neglect even though they’ve been proven in the lab. The challenge is to align any innovative idea with the corporate strategic road-map, find a perfect landing area and develop concepts accordingly. Cupole X-Factory is a disciplined and rapid innovation process that brings ideas into a concrete action plan in 6 weeks.

Olof Einarsson


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