The winners – Sweden’s top sustainable-growth companies!

They were 1.5 million at the beginning. Now the Symbiosis process – with extensive analysis and intense discussions – has led down to three companies that the jury thinks best represent the requirements of sustainable business. Meet this year’s winners – Sweden’s top sustainable-growth companies! 


“Like the wind in a turbine, OX2 ensures that the cogs for both business benefit and sustainability make contact and can spin at full speed – to eliminate society’s dependence on oil.”

The Humble Co.

“By building a growth rocket through the use of bamboo instead of plastic, The Humble Co. inspires companies in all industries to take a closer look at how sustainable material selection and business benefits can go hand in hand.”

Soltech Energy

“By working on creating sustainable profitability at all levels of the business, Soltech shows that the entire value chain counts when working with one of the greatest societal challenges of our time.”

A big congratulations from us at Cupole – we look forward to keep following your journey, and we hope that your way of running a sustainable business can be an inspiration to others, today and in the future!