The winners – Sweden’s top responsible-growth companies

They are 1 million at the beginning of the process. Now this year’s Symbiosis process – with extensive analysis and intense discussions – has led down to three companies that Cupole and ultimately the appointed jury thinks best represent the requirements of responsible business. Meet this year’s winners – Sweden’s top responsible-growth companies! 


“With products for health and well-being in focus, Midsona shows how caring for both people and the planet are important ingredients in building long-term profitability.”




“Like a window to the future, K2A shows how a responsible profile can build both housing and growth in an ever-current industry.”



At a time when ever-moving goods and industries are a must, Centiro shows how the cloud can be a home for responsibility and business value.


A big congratulations from all of us at Cupole – great job, to say the least!

We look forward to keeping following your journey, and we hope that your way of growing a responsible profitable business can be an inspiration to others, today and in the future!