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We have an enormous respect for facts and figures, evidence and analytics.
These things act like a solid foundation, firm ground below our feet.
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If we condensate it to a minimum you could say that we deliver services
clustered into three themes; M&A, Strategy and Business Improvement.
Below are some examples of work we’ve done and our takes
on current topics. We hope you enjoy the read!


Matrix organization after Corona – equal parts threat as opportunity

Seven hours in zoom meetings and one hour for lunch? Product managers who respond to emails at 10pm because they’ve been in meetings all day? If you recognize yourself in these scenarios, it is likely that you have worked in, or for, a matrix organization. The matrix organization is perhaps characterized above all by the […]
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Amazon – Threat against retailers, but fatal for the logistics industry

As rumors started circulating about Amazon’s launch in Sweden, the discussion became centered around the retail industry and the consequences Amazon’s market entry would have on the industry. But with the focus on the dire consequences for retail, most seem to have forgotten what Amazon truly excels at and what industry really should feel threatened […]
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Venture capital-backed home delivery – an unnecessary climate disaster

In recent years, the Swedish parcel market has grown strongly. Today, more than 190 million parcels are sent to various addresses around the country. By 2025, the corresponding figure is estimated to be close to 380 million. It is in many respects, a positive development for both consumers and businesses, albeit with a significant reservation. […]
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Why retailers are the future powerhouses

That data is the new gold is now an established truth. This can be seen in marketing, not least, in a shift from a creatively driven process to an increasingly data-driven one. As a result, we are facing a development where the owners of first-hand data – retailers – will soon be the new power […]
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Healthcare for a digital age

Healthcare costs are increasing. The population is getting older. Doctors are scarce and expensive. While treatments have improved, distribution has been unchanged for decades. But hey, new technology is about to change the health system for good. A digital visit is way cheaper than a regular appointment to a physician and makes psychologists a lot more accessible. The geographical dependency is zero and creates much needed flexibility to fit today’s lifestyle. As if this wasn’t enough, we can use AI to improve scheduling efficiency, as well as VR and AR to set certain diagnoses. Connecting healthcare professionals and patients through an app enables anyone, anywhere to get the help they need – and we’re super excited to work with the innovators making this possible.

Christer Björk


Employee dependency risks undermining real estate consultants’ business

The fact that the real estate consulting industry emphasizes the importance of trust and personal relationships is nothing new. Nor that it is an industry with relatively high mobility, foremost between employers rather than within the same one. Therefore, it is surprising that more is not being done by the companies themselves to integrate built-up […]
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Photos from event

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21 April, 2022

Congratulations to Stella Capital, Soft Goat & By Malina

Stella Capital acquires Swedish online brands Soft Goat, quality cashmere garments, and By Malina, female fashion brand, and we would like to give warm congratulations to the involved parties. We are excited to have been part of this transaction as strategic advisors to Stella Capital together with our ARC Arise Consulting colleaugues from Curamando. Read more about what Cupole do here

4 May, 2021

Congratulations Aditro, SD Worx & R12 Kapital

We want to give our warmest congratulations to SD Worx and Aditro on the announcement that SD Worx are continuing their growth with the acquisition of Aditro. We also want to thank Aditro and their past shareholder R12 Kapital for their trust in us as strategic advisors. Read more about what Cupole do here


Food for our planet

Feeding a population of >9 billion by 2050 is a global challenge. How can innovation help us overcome future resource scarcity? Bugs, plant-based “meat” and fish farming on land are some of the most fashionable (food) ideas for saving our planet. And it looks promising. Aquaculture is today the fastest growing food sector globally, solving plenty of problems but also posing challenges both in the waters and in transportation. Large-scale production on land, however, allows for farming fish right next to the end customer and might be commercially viable and reach critical volumes already by 2020. Is this one of the solutions we should be counting on or should we look elsewhere?


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