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Success Case

Adapting to the Digital Arena

How do you embrace the digital marketing shift when your traditional marketing channels are losing effect?
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Will the role of Category Management survive the AI slaughterhouse?

Traditionally, a Category Manager has performed task-driven functions, such as supplier relationships, pricing and placement, assortment and promotion management. Clearly, the operating environment for a retailer is changing, and this creates an accelerating need for transformation in how you address Category Management!
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14 December, 2018

Cupole Academy 2019 – a record-breaking number of applicants!

This year we had a record-breaking number of applicants to the program resulting in six new Cupoleans that will join us in august of 2019!


Go (swish or drone) To Market?

All companies want to stand out and be noticed in an increasingly competitive environment. However, few companies achieve the desired goals - the competitors are many, marketing budgets are limited and customers are overwhelmed with offers. So how do you formulate your marketing and sales strategy to increase return on investment and enable future growth.
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From our friends at Formulate

Are Promotions
destroying your margins?

70% of all supplier promotions and well above 40% of all retail promotions are unprofitable, even after adjusting for supplier funding. The good news; there are concrete actions you – as a retailer or supplier – can take to start fixing your promotions. Let AI figure out the truth. Read more about the future of promotion made simple by our friend at Formulate  here!

Jesper Löwenborg


Crack the Customer Experience code through Compassion

The financial crisis in 2008 made businesses realise the need to rethink their view of how to succeed in the market place. Increased transparency and intensified competition shifted power from companies to customers making us entering an “age of the customer”.
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Are the possibilities of the internet being shaded by shady intentions?

Web Summit has grown to become the largest tech conference on the planet attracting start-ups, global multi-billion players, tech-nerds and regular curious minds. Of course, Cupole was there.
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Commercial Due Diligence

The weapon of choice in the quest for fruitful investments

An acquisition process is often uncertain and time consuming for investors, it is a balancing act between identifying flaws and risks and embracing the potential upsides that come with an investment.
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The art of a successful merger integration

If you work in the field of M&A, the fact that a majority of all deals fail to deliver on the investment case is probably old news to you.
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Omni, really the
retailers business?

In a world where the customer is in charge, where data is totally transparent, where competition is just a click away, and retailers are set-up by definition as a focal point towards customers: Is it really a retailer’s business to fulfill the omni experience – will a retailer ever be able to? Will customers ever be truly omni-satisfied by actions of a single retailer and is it a paradox for a focal point to strive for omni?

Jesper Löwenborg


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