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The usual suspects of organizational inefficiency and how to put them behind bars

Long lead-times, high costs, chaotic processes and unclear roles are some of the usual suspects of unnecessary problems many organizations face. To get these issues under wraps it’s important to create common structures, find ways to reduce your lead times and identify potential cost overruns.
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Success case

Enable profitable growth in a changing retail landscape? Yes, please!

Eat, sleep, order online, repeat – right? E-commerce is growing exponentially, and new ways to create customer experience and generate sales are explored. In order to face the competition, retailers need to reassess how to create value, reshape their asset mix and re-focus their efforts.
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Success case

Boost your business with a less is more mindset

A warehouse is much like the storage spaces we have at home – if there’s any space left, we have a tendency to fill it. As a business though, it could turn out to be quite expensive. Let’s just say that there’s cash to save in these jam packed, cram-full areas. And at the same time, why not increase delivery performance for the better?
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2 April, 2019

Michelle Obama “Becoming” ticket give-away

Cupole has a bunch of exclusive tickets to see Michelle Obama's show "Becoming" in Stockholm and we would like to share them with you.


Hoarders – look away

Mid-globalization the business of warehousing is going through massive changes and transformations. More and more companies automate their warehouses with digitalization and automation. But what might be the most vital parts in reforming warehouses is to make the supply chain more effective and reduce dependency on accurate forecasting. When you and your company can be more flexible, match your clients demands and still keep your warehouse slim and effective you most certainly get an edge against competitors in the same business as you. Your way of warehousing might be the difference between making it or breaking it.

Jakob Birgersson

Managing Partner
Success case

Shifting the store experience from the needs of the brand to the needs of the customer

Now our client has a framework in place to make sure a customer who enters their store have their needs in focus, not the brands. The framework also forms a stronger relationship with store owners and allowed our client to move the old communication assets to channels with better fit or scrap some altogether
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Will the role of Category Management survive the AI slaughterhouse?

Traditionally, a Category Manager has performed task-driven functions, such as supplier relationships, pricing and placement, assortment and promotion management. Clearly, the operating environment for a retailer is changing, and this creates an accelerating need for transformation in how you address Category Management!
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14 December, 2018

Cupole Academy 2019 – a record-breaking number of applicants!

This year we had a record-breaking number of applicants to the program resulting in six new Cupoleans that will join us in august of 2019!


Go (swish or drone) To Market?

All companies want to stand out and be noticed in an increasingly competitive environment. However, few companies achieve the desired goals - the competitors are many, marketing budgets are limited and customers are overwhelmed with offers. So how do you formulate your marketing and sales strategy to increase return on investment and enable future growth.
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Bus enthusiasts!

The bus eco-system is on the verge of embracing and being transformed by new technologies. Electromobility will soon enable silent and emission-free buses, connectivity will allow real time optimization of the traffic flow and autonomous driving has the potential to transform a morning commuter’s experience into a smooth ride. At Cupole we are thrilled to help our partners in the bus eco-system to develop strategies to refuel and shift into a higher gear of transformation. (And if these still are unprecise buzzwords to you, we’ll help you with that.)

Christer Björk

Partner & Chairman

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