The shortlist

It has been an extensive process, and we’re thus more than happy to be able to announce that the Symbiosis shortlist is out! These are the 11 companies competing to become awarded winner of Symbiosis and being Sweden’s top sustainable-growth company.

The Humble Co.

The Humble Co. is the world’s largest manufacturer of sustainable oral care products and has over the years helped over 65,000 children worldwide with its sister organization Humble Smile Foundation. By replacing plastic with FSC-certified bamboo in some of our most used hygiene products, The Humble Co., in addition to having sold over 20 million bamboo toothbrushes, also inspired some of the world’s largest toothbrush manufacturers to introduce their own environmentally friendly alternatives.

With factories that follow the BSCI guidelines to maintain the social structures associated with high working standards in sales chains worldwide, Humble ensures a holistically sustainable business model. All this + a profit margin of 36.68% shows what solid work has led to the success of The Humble Co. harvests worldwide.


Desenio has seen incredible growth since 2015 and today provides 35 markets with affordable art for all homes. The company’s sustainability goal is to achieve top-class ESG work, in both social, environmental and economic sustainability. Since 2017, Desenio, together with Vi-skogen, has planted more than 25,000 trees that bind carbon dioxide and create a livelihood for families in East Africa. All wood-based products are FSC-certified, which guarantees a sustainable value chain from raw material to finished product. Desenio is passionate about creating sustainable art with the help of good raw materials, environmentally friendly production methods and a transparent value chain that takes the greatest consideration for both people and the environment.


At Sudio, we are constantly working to find new solutions to strengthen our sustainability work. Everything from being a carbon-neutral organization, to giving customers protective cases made from apple skin-leather for their earphones, to taking care of the product’s life through a maintenance kit. Many other industries are one step ahead of consumer electronics with sustainability development, so it is extra important for us to do our utmost and set a good example.

Morris Law

We at Morris have always thought that sustainability is important. But it has stayed there. But since a few years ago, we have actually started doing something. What got us moving was that we asked for help. Together with the sustainability consultants at Pure Act, we have set both short- and long-term goals. We have now begun to deliver on our high ambitions when it comes to safeguarding our employees, our common resources and our planet. And we will never consider ourselves finished with this work.


Since 2006, we have been working on developing building-integrated solar energy solutions that were based on a research project at KTH. We are Sweden’s pioneers in the field. Since 2019, we have an acquisition strategy which means that Soltech, with solar energy expertise at the bottom, acquires companies in the roof, facade and electrical engineering industries. What makes us most sustainable is that with this strategy we transform traditional craft companies into sustainable solar companies. Our growth has exploded from SEK 50 million in sales in 2018 to SEK 500 million in 2020, and our goal is SEK 4,700 million in 2024. Soltech is fundamentally changing society by integrating the sun into everyday life and we have over 65,000 shareholders who support us.

Revolution Race

RevolutionRace was founded seven years ago with the goal of making quality and well-fitting casual wear available to everyone. By selling clothing online, directly to the consumer without unnecessary intermediaries, RevolutionRace can offer products that have an unbeatable value in terms of price, quality and design. With a seasonal product range where the products live a long time, we are proud to have only 1% overproduction today, while the industry average is over 20%. We continuously improve our processes and governance to improve our social and environmental impact and to become even more transparent. We are humble in the face of our progress and we promise to be open with our challenges and continue to develop.


OX2 develops and sells wind and solar power parks. By constantly increasing the supply of renewable energy, OX2 is driving the transition towards a more sustainable future. OX2’s sustainability strategy is based on the three dimensions People – Planet – Profit. The interplay between these three creates a sustainable societal development. OX2 strives to be an inclusive company with a high safety culture and respect for people and the environment. OX2 strives for the goal of a net positive impact on natural capital and with the support of the latest research, we work with co-planning of measures for biological diversity and climate benefits. For OX2, that means real sustainability.


As one of the Nordic region’s largest server hosting companies, we are fully aware of the environmental impact that our industry has. Through a large number of initiatives, we work to minimize our own impact and help customers develop more sustainable solutions – in this way we contribute to a better future. The investment in sustainability and environment is part of our business model and contributes to our good reputation, which is one of our strongest means of competition. We also care about our employees who contribute to our growth to the highest degree and are proud to have very long relationships with our employees.


Imaginative Designs of Obsessive Quality. Together with the world’s most revered designers, Hem creates products for the auction houses of tomorrow – contributing to a world where we buy less and better. As a global D2C business, we cannot afford to compromise on quality – the admin, handling, and negative environmental impact is not worth it. Our responsible production in Europe always meets or exceeds environmental standards and industry certifications for public spaces. With modular products optimized for shipping we reduce CO2 footprint while doing good for both the balance sheet and bottom-line. Hem is truly a global, scalable, and sustainable business.


BioGaia contributes to improved global health by developing and being at the forefront of global microbiome research and by offering probiotic products with clinically proven health effects. We also contribute to improved health by supporting the work against antibiotic resistance through our products and foundation. BioGaia works actively to make choices that reduce our climate impact, through, among other things, better packaging, ingredients and more sustainable travel. The company’s operations are characterized by high business ethics and have an even gender distribution and employees of several nationalities. We also constantly work to create an inclusive workplace where employees thrive and develop.


BioArctic’s pioneering research and innovative leadership can soon result in safe and effective drugs that slow down – not just relieve – diseases of the central nervous system. Through well-defined and responsible actions in all the company’s activities – focused on sustainable employeeship, resource utilization & entrepreneurship and based on the UN’s 17 global sustainability goals – the company together with partners have succeeded in developing several drug candidates for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. The most advanced drug candidate is now in the final stage of development before a potential approval. One last successful step could help millions of Alzheimer’s patients globally in just a few years.



The winners will be announced on October 14 – stay tuned!