The shortlist

This year, too, it has been an extensive process in identifying Sweden’s top responsible growth companies. We are therefore very happy to now be able to tell you that the shortlist is out! Here are the eight companies that are competing to become awarded winners of Symbiosis 2022!


K2A is a young and fast-growing company with even greater ambitions going forward. In 2021, the company increased its operating surplus by 32% and profit grew 245% to SEK 756 million, while GHG emissions per sqm were reduced by 24%. The real estate industry is responsible for substantial emissions and therefore companies must be prepared to meet future requirements for environmental sustainability. In 2020 K2A became the first company in the world to have its share classified as green and in 2021 K2A set the industry’s most ambitious climate target: The company’s entire value chain to be climate positive by 2027.


Tele2 firmly believes sustainability needs to be weaved into the fabric of a company’s business. As a provider of connectivity, we enable and drive the integration of all parts of society and our customers’ lives. We recognize the responsibilities as well as opportunities in creating a sustainable business and see this as a foundation for growth. Our ambition to lead in sustainability reduces risk, creates trust, and strengthens our business, whilst helping our customers to become more sustainable by using our services. We constantly challenge ourselves to grow our business in a smart way that is truly responsible.


Midsona is a leader in sustainability with a mission that promotes health for people and planet where growth and sustainability are in symbiosis. Long-term growth strategy based on UN’s sustainability goals anchored by the board ensures Midsona`s leading position in sustainability. Sustainability risks and opportunities are managed with short-, medium- and long-term targets for financial planning with growth in plant-based products produced and managed in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible manner. Global gold standards such as GRI, TCFD, GHG, SBT, CDP ensure best practice. 2021, Midsona is recognized for climate change strategy, leadership and best supplier engagement by CDP.


Axkid brings safety and peace of mind to families in their everyday lives all over the world. With unique knowledge and dedication to child safety Axkid provides the market with innovative safety products. With high quality, conscious sustainable choices and unique safety solutions the long usage of Axkid extended rear-facing products is one of a kind. The success of the small Swedish company now taking over Europe is based on one thing. Save children’s life. By keep educating the market, creating understanding for child safety and without compromising on the assets of next-generation, Axkid is a company to truly count on in the future.


Soltech Energy is a group that offers, develops, installs, and optimizes solar energy and solutions. During the last years we have grown to become Sweden’s leading supplier of solar energy technology and have over 800 employees across Sweden and in the Netherlands. We develop, install, and improve everything from solar roofs and solar façades with fully integrated solar cells to large-scale solar parks. For us, energy, efficiency, and aesthetics is three important pillars in how produce sustainable solutions for a greener future. We have the ability to take care of the whole value chain – from development to installation – we transform properties to efficient energy producers. Our aim is to integrate the sun into our everyday lives for a sustainable future. Both for you and me, but not least for our planet. 

SR Energy 

SR Energy is a green energy company investing long-term in renewable energy to ensure a sustainable future. The company develops, constructs and manages efficient wind farms for a long-term ownership. SR Energy is active in Scandinavia, with a strong focus on southern Sweden were the need for energy is greatest. Today SR Energy is the proud owner of 201 wind turbines, 154 in operation and 47 under construction, with a yearly production of 2,1 TWh renewable energy. The company is heading towards the position of being be the largest energy company in Sweden based on renewable energy, supported by committed and long term owners; AMF, Alecta, KLP and Stena Adactum.


Centiro exists to create long term value by the way we treat our employees, and how they in turn create sustainable and long-term value for our customers, and ultimately the wider community. Redefined commerce, transportation, and supply chain integration will remain a strategic key in the world for a long time. Our relentless pursuit to run it smarter, and strategic aim to reduce CO2/GHG in transportation sets the ecosystem we impact up for long term value creation, above and beyond the value observed by our own organization. Our award-winning track record and Ecovadis Gold rating demonstrates our sustainable commitment.

Morris Law 

2021 was the year when we wrote our first sustainability report. It was the year we realized that we already have several pieces in place, that we actually were quite good. It was also the year when we realized that we have a lot of work ahead of us. To catch up and to end up at the top! We have now begun to deliver on our high ambitions when it comes to safeguarding our employees, our common resources, and our planet. We will never consider ourselves finished with this work. But now we are on the right track.


The winners will be announced on June 2nd – stay tuned!