The illustrator

Perhaps you have already seen his work in The Guardian, New York Times or Le Monde? Eiko Ojala is the renowned artist who with his unique expression has been called one of today’s most interesting illustrators. At Cupole, we’ve been inspired by his design for many years and when discussing who we wanted to make a creative interpretation of Symbiosis, the decision turned out to be rather easy. Of course it would be Eiko! 

Based in Estonia, Eiko Ojala started his career as a graphic designer at an advertising agency in the early 21st century. Since 2013, he has been working as a full-time illustrator with clients such as top tier newspapers, tech-giants and public institutions across the globe.  

What caught us, at Cupole, was Eikos way of keeping his illustrations minimal and well-advised, while combining consummate craftsmanship with a healthy sprinkling of wit. This, of course, is largely explained by his process in which he prefers reducing elements rather than adding them. His work can easily be mistaken for papercut art, although it is really digitally created forms and shapes drawn mostly by hand. 

When asked to interpret Symbiosis, Eiko was given large amounts of freedom as we were curious to find out how sustainable growth would be expressed in his universe. The result was even better than we had hoped for. 

Commenting on the process, and the end result, Eiko himself says: 

“It has been a fascinating process to illustrate such an essential subject with so many aspects to consider. The relevance of catching the complexity of sustainable growth and, at the same time, making it visually simple has been the key for this project.”

If you, like us at Cupole, like Eiko’s work you can check out his website to find out more.