Questions and answers

Where does the name Symbiosis come from?
Symbiosis as a term describes the relationship between two dissimilar organisms. This largely reflects our view on what responsible business is all about. We are convinced that the companies of the future are the ones that run their businesses in symbiosis with the surrounding world – those which ensure profitable results without compromising our planet or the people on it.

What is the long-term ambition with Symbiosis?
We have a saying at Cupole – we turn ambitions into achievements. In this context, what we hope to achieve is an inspiring platform that not only contributes with great examples of responsible business, but also tools for how to steer businesses into that direction – regardless of what challenges might stand in the way. 

How did you select the jury?
When defining the requirements on the jury, we wanted to ensure a group of high-level people with significant experience in the field of responsible entrepreneurship. At the same time, we wanted them to represent different perspectives to ensure a multifaceted dialogue about what companies best deserve to be awarded Sweden’s top responsible-growth companies. Now when looking at the composition of the jury as a whole, we must say that we have succeeded well with this.

Will there be opportunities to apply for next year’s award?
Our current method for identifying Sweden’s top responsible-growth company does not include an application process. Rather, we rely on solid analysis of large amounts of data in the first phase and the competencies and expertise of the jury in the second phase. That being said, it’s not impossible that we choose to develop the award with more categories over the coming years. So, stay tuned!