A new horizon: Cupole becomes part of the ARC group

Today we are thrilled to announce that Cupole joins ARC, a group previously consisting of Curamando, Kurppa Hosk, Animal, Conversionista, and Keybroker. The new group, co-owned by Altor, becomes a powerhouse within strategy, branding, marketing, and sales – while still building on individual companies within each field.

Cupole will continue to operate as its own company, and will keep its name, but will now have access to a range of new experts, potential customers, and an even larger network. Cupole’s partners become shareholders in ARC, together with the investment company, Altor, who joined the group last December.

“This will be a new chapter, one which creates exciting opportunities for Cupole. The capability to quickly connect experts from such different areas enables a unique offering. The digitalization has created a stronger demand for specialists, and we look forward to applying the group’s collective knowledge in both new and current projects, as well as taking part in projects initiated by ARC’s other members” says Christer Björk, Founder and Partner at Cupole.

The CEO of the group is Mattias Olofsson, with a background from Curamando. Cupole’s role will be to strengthen the group’s strategic capacity and to provide a holistic management perspective.

Companies currently under the ARC arc.inc:

Curamando Management consultant & digital marketing experts governing growth & digital change agendas. curamando.com

Kurppa Hosk A diverse team of design thinkers and design doers with expertise in brand development and strategic design. kurppahosk.com

Animal A house of creativity that makes captivating communication based on data driven insights. animal.cc

Conversionista Conversion optimisers that has evolved to a test-driven UX and service design partner delivering growth. conversionista.com

Keybroker Performance marketeers that manage & optimise all digital marketing channels to drive growth. keybroker.se

Read more about what Cupole do here

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