Meet our Project Leader of Symbiosis at Cupole!

Helena Wickström!

Hi Helena! What is your role in the Symbiosis Award?

Hi! I am the Project Leader of Symbiosis at Cupole, which means that I am responsible for the overall management of the different workstreams that we have in Symbiosis – everything from setting up and leading the selection process for Symbiosis companies, coordinating the jury process to planning and creating the Symbiosis event. It is fun and challenging – luckily, I have a great team around me!

Could you explain the process behind determining the winners?

Symbiosis is based on three key responsibility factors; people, profit and planet. We believe that truly successful companies achieve long-term growth thanks to sustained performance in these key indicators. The selection process is divided into phases, where each phase is designed to identify the companies that have gone above and beyond in growing responsibly. First, we do a purely financial analysis, based on EBIT, where companies are sorted based on revenue growth and stability of EBIT. Then, the chosen companies are further analyzed from the sustainability model Triple Bottom Line, focusing on the business’s commitment to profit, people and the planet.

Finally, a shortlist remains – then the jury work begins! The jury jointly decides which three companies best meet the requirements for Symbiosis and should be awarded Sweden’s top responsible-growth companies.

Who gets to sit at the jury table?

We strive to have a diverse jury, not only in terms of gender, professional roles, or experience but also in their individual beliefs in what constitutes responsible growth, to be able to have a wide range of perspectives. From Cupole, we have our MD and founding partner Per Högberg, and the rest of the jury consists of Kia Orback (Chairman at SVT), David Orlic (CEO, Anyone), Johan Knaust (CEO, K2A – last year’s winner), Nora Bavey (Partner, Unconventional Ventures) and Mattias Holmström (Partner, Altor). I am really happy to see that we have both some returning jury members, as well as some new ones this year – it’s a great jury and we believe that their expertise and their belief in the importance of responsible long-term growth have helped us award some great companies this year!

Looking back on last year’s award ceremony, what is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory from last year’s gala was a combination of conversations with inspiring people from all different industries, great food and above all, the crowning of the three worthy winners. I’m looking forward to this year’s event, which will take place at the beautiful National Museum.

Thank you Helena, the winners will be announced on April 26th – stay tuned!