The weapon of choice in the quest for fruitful investments

An acquisition process is often uncertain and time consuming for investors, it is a balancing act between identifying flaws and risks and embracing the potential upsides that come with an investment. All while at the same time having to stay ahead of the fast-paced competition courting the same targets. Transactions are becoming increasingly more complex, and so are the markets and eco-systems in which businesses operate in. As we unfortunately cannot foresee the future, an acquisition process is a probabilistic engagement that without comprehensive analyses and deep understanding of the target and its industry can come with a few or many unwanted surprises down the road.

CDD – The gatekeeper of bad investments and the spotter of hidden opportunities

So, we cannot foresee what the future holds for business and their environment – but what we can do is to take a very well-educated guess using data, analytical tools and creativity. A Commercial Due Diligence delivers just that for investors. It provides a solid foundation on which investment hypotheses can be validated, rejected or adjusted, well-informed decisions can be made, undertaken risks can be calculated, and previously unseen opportunities and strengths in each case can be uncovered. When conducting a Commercial Due Diligence our mission is to help our clients to navigate and understand the target’s market outlook and competitive environment, assess the target’s future growth potential, and evaluate the main commercial risks and opportunities associated with the investment.

Cupole’s CDD approach

Cupole is a trusted M&A advisor to both private equity firms and strategic investors. We have performed Commercial Due Diligences of markets on most continents (Antarctica and Oceania being the exceptions) and we often cover multiple geographies simultaneously in a case assessment.

A Commercial Due Diligence from the Cupole team is not an off-the shelf-product. In today’s competitive investment climate, rapidly changing industry dynamics and business models we know that one size does not fill all, especially not when it comes to investment angles and their potential. No matter the industry or geography, we are convinced that the key to truly understand a target’s business and growth potential is to be experienced enough to pin-point exactly the right questions with each case, to be bold enough to focus on what really is important, and to be skilled enough to know exactly where and how deep to dig to provide solid fact-based analyses and answers to each question – that is how we work to maximize our clients’ deal outcomes.

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