The art of a successful merger integration

If you work in the field of M&A, the fact that a majority of all deals fail to deliver on the investment case is probably old news to you. However, there are measures to take in order to navigate around the pit-falls towards a successful deal. Having a structured merger governance and synergy tracking in place is one of the key tools to make sure that the integrations stays on track. Planning should start immediately after the deal has been signed to verify the synergies, identify new management structure, secure IT systems, define communication plans – and to find solutions to any identified issues. The integration team, as well as management, need to understand the deal rationale, know what value creating initiatives to focus on, and ensure commitment from key individuals in the organization. Our experienced consultants know how to develop solid plans for a post-merger integration and how to put them into play to achieve synergies and completing the integration on time.

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