Adapting to the Digital Arena

Many companies realize that traditional marketing activities, in traditional channels, using a traditional approach, no longer generate the impact and effect they once did. Even if “digitalization” and the “internet era” is in its teens by now, too few companies have figured out how to really exploit the true potential of digital marketing. It is becoming more and more clear that simply digitalizing the traditional analogue approach in the new marketing mix will not do the trick.

A leading Nordic retailer with an impressive track record of successful marketing and brand impact had experienced decreasing effect, MRoI and reach in their traditional channels. Direct mail, in-store communication, television and sponsoring appeared to have lost their former glory. To secure pole position on the new digital marketing grid, the client initiated a major strategic program – outlining the future of marketing in their industry and finding new ways to attract, develop and retain their customers.

Cupole supported the client in establishing their new vision and target position and in outlining their future marketing agenda. Through best practice inspiration, customer insights gathering and front line technology comprehension, the consultant team led the client towards defining a wanted position, consequential strategic decisions, key capabilities and concrete activities in order to point the company towards that position.

The course followed by the program has shed light on new insights and ideas, old truths have been challenged and it has helped the organization to unite behind a common vision of the future. The process has also highlighted a set of new principles and mindsets that are key to this particular company achieving success in their future marketing agenda:

It’s a different ball game

Even if agencies and marketeers rarely agree, analogue marketing is something of a linear equation between investment and effect, especially if you compare it to digital marketing. The digital ability to target, measure and optimize the marketing agenda is imposing requirements on the organisation’s ability rather than on the level of investment.

It’s all about team play

Succeeding in the digital arena will mean relating to a new value chain and new eco-systems, internally and externally, building joint marketing capabilities. As the customer touch points extend beyond the multichannel of the company – a jointly built omni channel will be crucial in securing a holistic customer journey and experience. By for-checking new technologies in a landscape characterised by rapid technology innovation which the company need to embrace, experiment and develop technology rather than wait for technology to become the industry standard.

Content with a capital C on its jersey

The essence of content has been known for ages, yet embraced by few. Content is key to reach and impact the customers of tomorrow. Successful companies will create pertinent and tailored content, made available at the right place, at the right point in time – serving actual value to a specific customer rather than pushing a mass marketing agenda to all.

… yet, a strategy and a desired position is not worth much without the organisation’s ability to realize its potential. Cupole supported the client in setting up a hands-on program organisation, implementation processes and governance structures, accelerating and securing those first steps of the journey towards achieving pole position on the digital marketing grid.

The clear and shared vision of the future, combined with processes for incremental change, learning and experimentation, have truly increased the client’s ability to adopt and embrace the digital marketing shift – giving the company a pole position in the race for tomorrow’s customers!

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