Turning ambitions
into achievements

We turn ambitions into achievements

Cupole is a management consultancy. But more than that, we think of ourselves as a collective of creative thinkers with supreme business minds

So, what’s it all about?

Cupole empowers you to address your challenges and achieve your visions.

Your strategic +1

We believe that everyone deserves a champion in their corner. This is even truer for senior managers and directors navigating today’s increasingly complex, rapidly changing business environment. Cupole is with you every step of the way, helping you work out how to take the next leap.


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Strategies that stick – powered by Eidra

In today’s world, change is the only constant. We know how important it is to craft resilient strategies to achieve profitable growth.

As your strategic guide, we customize our services to meet your specific needs.

With our broad, strategic perspective and expertise fueled by thousands of Eidra network experts, we are the critical link between top management and domain specialists.

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Driven by our beliefs

Our beliefs are the heart of everything we do. Our laser focus is on uniting mind and heart, growth and sustainability, top-level strategy with creativity, and the facts of today with faith in tomorrow.

We have the agility that’s needed in our constantly changing world. Our guidance empowers you to make bold moves – but we are always humble as advisors.

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Challenging the status quo

Cupole was founded on the insight that the world needs a new kind of advisor. Our approach to management consulting is tailored to be as dynamic as the challenges it addresses, finely attuned to the demands of today’s industry leaders and aspiring future market leaders.

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Cupole offers a wide range of expertise

We fuel transformation and lay the groundwork for a lasting competitive edge, always mindful that sustainability, digitalization and innovation are key ingredients for long-term success. We empower organizations to move beyond conventional boundaries, towards new value-driven horizons.

Our strength in customizing solutions stems from a penetrating understanding of diverse industry dynamics. Cupole is your trusted ally in navigating complex market landscapes.


Our beliefs

Great minds.
Big hearts.

We value our differences and honor that which ties us together: our skills and compassion. Let’s not romanticize the misunderstood genius. Be a lovable genius instead. 

Our beliefs

Facts of today.
Faith in tomorrow.

We have enormous respect for facts and figures, evidence and analytics. These things act like a solid foundation, a firm ground below our feet. Allowing us to leap faster and further towards new opportunities.

Our beliefs

Bold moves.
Humble steps.

We always have the confidence to think big, beyond the borders of comfort. We constantly go beyond the expected in everything we do, the responsibilities we take and the company we build. Daring to take a leap, humble to the challenge

Our beliefs

Savvy individuals.
Expert network.

We’re jack of all trades with a network of masters and experts. It’s a powerful combination. Enabling us to maintain a holistic responsibility while working across disciplines, pushing the limits of what’s possible.

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